Thank You To My Supporters

Some of you may already know, but I didn’t make it through the Primary in my race. I’m clearly saddened by this…I had gotten some great responses from my doorbelling. I want to thank ALL of you for your support of my campaign. Your volunteering, your donations, and even telling me how much you hope I would win, all contributed to a fine campaign.

Ultimately, however, the real goal is to elect someone who will do the most good in Burien. And that person now is Kevin Schilling.

Kevin and I became friends from the beginning and we vowed that should the two of us make it through the Primary we would do no mud slinging of any kind. We wanted a clean campaign that would focus on the issues, not hatred.

Kevin wants to work on many of the things that I want to work on…helping to solve the homelessness situation in Burien and helping our small businesses thrive. He has also already asked me to help him develop a Climate Sustainability Plan for the Burien area.

I am very excited about Kevin and will be supporting his campaign. I ask that, if you are interested in Burien’s future, you support him as well.

Thank you for helping me and thank you for your commitment to Burien. As I have said in the past, many voices create better solutions. I’m adding my voice to his.

Omaha Sternberg
Former Burien City Council Candidate position 4